"Wire" You Paying Too Much for Electrical Wiring Work?

We offer affordable services to residents of the Charlotte, NC area

High-quality work doesn't have to come with a high price tag. You won't spend a fortune to get top-notch electrical wiring work from Electrical Unlimited, Inc. We provide budget-friendly services to homeowners in Charlotte, NC and the vicinity.

We can set up or relocate anything electrical, including...

  • Electric car charging stations
  • Electrical wiring and outlets
  • Light fixtures and switches

You name it, we can do it. Contact us today to speak with an electrical contractor in Charlotte, NC.

An electrical contractor that can work across state lines

An electrical contractor that can work across state lines

Building a new home in Denver or Rock Hill? Remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms? If you're doing anything with electrical wiring, call us. The Electrical Unlimited crew is licensed to work in North and South Carolina.

We take pride in our 98% inspection rate. To get in touch with a reliable electrical contractor, call 704-200-1521 now.